Online course on Hearing Voices and Paranoia by Peter Bullimore

Peter Bullimore, internationally recognised lived experience trainer in Hearing Voices and Paranoia, has developed an online program across these areas. His program combines work with the Maastricht Interview schedule in both areas. This innovative program is being run in Connecticut on line and Peter has contacted Recovery Matters to offer it in Western Australia and other states.

The program spans several sessions which include off line activity by participants and online support as well as direct teaching on line.

If agencies are interested in training a group of staff, or individuals wish to access the training, please contact Joe Calleja at

More about Peter

Peter is a voice hearer who spent ten years as a psychiatric patient enduring many bouts of severe paranoia. Through learning holistic approaches and with support from the Hearing Voices Network he was able to reclaim his life from the system.

Peter facilitates a hearing voices and paranoia support group in Sheffield, UK.

Peter also runs his own training and consultancy agency, Asylum Associates, and is the founder member of the Paranoia Network. He delivers teaching on hearing voices and paranoia internationally.

He also teaches about the COPE initiative at Manchester University and currently undertakes a research post at the university looking at collaborative working between voluntary sector organisations and the university.

Peter is also undertaking research into what recovery means from a service user’s perspective. He co-authored the workbook Asking the Questions with Paul Hammersley and John Read, a guidebook about childhood trauma.

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