Peer to peer suicide support group funded in an Australian first

Peer to Peer Support in Suicide Intervention has been funded by Lotterywest in an Australian-first program in Western Australia.

The program is based on the Alternatives to Suicide peer support approach which has been delivered by the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community, USA, since 2012. In the US it is funded by a combination of philanthropic funds and funding from the Massachusetts Mental Health Commission.

The approach has had no funding in Australia prior to the support from Lotterywest. Read more…

Rebalance the system: fund the plan

Four successive state budgets under the McGowan Government have increased the number of mental health inpatient beds in WA, with no corresponding funding for early intervention, prevention, or community support for people with mental health issues. Read more…

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Emerging solutions for suicide prevention

This webinar was presented by Joe Calleja to the Suicide Prevention On Line Summit on 16 May 2020 organised by the Mental Health Academy of Australia.

A peer support response to thoughts and feelings of suicide: alternatives to suicide peer support groups

This webinar was presented by Joe Calleja to the Suicide Prevention On Line Summit on 12 April 2019 organised by the Mental Health Academy of Australia.

Alternatives to Suicide – a peer support approach for supporting people experiencing suicidal distress

The Alternatives to Suicide approach was developed by the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community over twelve years ago. It is a non-clinical peer only support group which has trained peers as facilitators. The webinar link below will take you to a recorded webinar co-produced by the Western Mass RLC and the National Empowerment Centre in the US. It is a presentation with a Q&A and, although it is almost two hours long including the Q&A, it provides detailed information that will help us understand how non clinical peer support is a legitimate support that should be included in the range of responses offered to people who are experiencing suicidal distress.

All I need is someone to talk to

Evaluating the DISCHARGED Suicide Peer Support Group

We have also attached an ethics-approved evaluation of a group that has been functioning in Western Australia for over two years.  This evaluation, although based on a small sample, provides validation for the importance of peer support as an additional support in response to suicidal distress.


Will Hall talking about suicide

This You Tube video by Will Hall from the US provides a succinct commentary on why traditional responses to suicide are not working. It is only three minutes long and is worth watching.

Better health, together – staying connected with telehealth

Although this You Tube video is not specific to mental health and suicide intervention, there are some important and helpful messages.

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